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What is SHARC?

SHARC (South Yorkshire Hospitals Audit and Research Collaboration) is a trainee led and trainee focused group that aims to promote, improve and facilitate high quality audit, service evaluation, quality improvement and research.

We have a core group, members and an advisory board of consultants.

Our aims

We aim to:

  • enhance the impact of trainee audit, service evaluation and research through completion of large-scale and meaningful projects

  • enable simultaneous delivery of audit and research in multiple trusts through a collaborative approach

  • facilitate efficient data collection, maintaining project momentum and enthusiasm 

  • ensure equity for participation with proper recognition of all individuals' contribution

  • provide a chance to get involved in exciting team endeavours, to create new knowledge, change things for the better for our patients and maybe help to shape the future of our specialty


SHARC has a long term vision and aims to generate a continuing ethos of trainee delivered large scale projects. We are already laying the foundations to collaborate with national or international projects.

Who can join?

Any anaesthetic or intensive care trainee in South Yorkshire can join SHARC. We will also consider membership for trainees in other specialties.

Membership is free.

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