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Intraoperative Hypotension in the Elderly

iHypE (Intraoperative Hypotension in the Elderly) is the 2015-16 RAFT annual project. It is a 2 day study of elderly patients undergoing general or regional anaesthesia for surgery to investigate the incidence of, and anaesthetists’ perceptions of, intraoperative hypotension. It aims to assess the incidence of intraoperative hypotension in the elderly, document associated outcomes, identify treatment thresholds and attitudes towards hypotension. All 15 trainee networks affiliated to RAFT have confirmed they will collect data. Data was collected for 48 hours during November 2016 in STH and Rotherham.



iHypE website


Anaesthesia 2021: Treatment threshold for intra-operative hypotension in clinical practice—a prospective cohort study in older patients in the UK. A J Wickham et al. 

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